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Core Job placements
Electrical and Mechanical Jobs

IIFM is to develop your Technical Skills to

  • Maintain and perform repair on all refrigeration equipment and perform troubleshoot on all HVAC equipment and perform repairs all coolers.
  • Manage all metal duct components and install all HVAC systems and monitor all provide resolutions for all emergency alarm in systems and perform repair to all ventilating and air conditioning units.
  • Manage all data center applications and operate various centrifugal chillers and install and maintain dehumidification systems and oversee al maintenance activities for various technicians.
  • Design and provide enhancements to all conservation programs for electricity and natural gas and assist to plant instrument and perform troubleshoot on equipment and ensure compliance to all EPA regulations.
  • Monitor all resources and ensure optimal utilization for same and achieve all customer objectives and provide support to all equipment and perform calculations and implement various plans for HVAC.
  • Evaluate all approval systems for new and revised maintenance jobs and monitor all work instructions and maintain all deliverables for projects to maintain optimal qualities within required timeframe and coordinate with stakeholders to analyze all project requirements.
  • Perform audit on all HVAC system and collect data and perform periodic evaluation and monitor all log books and manage all change processes and resolve all issues.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to perform regular audit and ensure compliance to all corporate regulations and assist to design an efficient HVAC system and adhere to all architectural requirements.
  • Analyze all load programs and perform required calculations on same and manage all electrical requirements for HVAC equipment and recommend improvements.
  • A large number of skilled workers coming out of technical colleges do not possess the required skills and are not readily employable. The industries have to spend time and money on their training. It
  • has been observed that most of the existing Industrial Training Institutes run by the government and private sector do not have on the job training facilities.
  • Therefore, IIFM is to develop their Knowledge into Technical Skill to Entry the Core Industry and Success with their Career up to Facility Manager Level.

Supplementary Skilled Courses:

  • Diploma in Refrigeration, Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning Engineering.

Mechanical Engineers role in Facility Management

"IIFM is generally observed that Degree Completed youth have not produced desired result because teaching imparted in college alone is not enough for acquisition of skills but needs to be supplemented by training in the actual world of work. So IIFM fill these “Technical Skill-Gap” as well as it leads to Success in Placements too.. "