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  • The Person who wants to become a Facility manager in a short period of time ​
  • This course is aimed at individuals who manage, operate, and maintain buildings.
  • They may work in Facility management or Operation management, technical engineering, health and safety, sustainability, quality assurance, project management, contract management, finance, or procurement roles. Attendees will be those who wish to increase their awareness of and confidence in the crucially important maintenance work that needs to be undertaken on MEP systems. ​
  • A large number of skilled workers coming out of technical colleges do not possess the required skills and are not readily employable. The industries have to spend time and money on their training. It has been observed that most of the existing Industrial Training Institutes run by the government and private sector do not have on-the-job training facilities.
  • Therefore, IIFM is to develop their Knowledge into Technical skills for entry into the Core Industry and Success with their Career up to Facility Manager Level.

"IIFM is generally observed that degree-completed youth have not produced the desired result because teaching imparted in college alone is not enough for the acquisition of skills but needs to be supplemented by training in the actual world of work. So IIFM fills this "Technical skill gap" as well as leads to Success in Placements too."

Who Should Attend

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems deliver comfort, security, safety, communication, protection, control, and movement in buildings.

Without these engineering systems, the modern built environment would not function, businesses would be unable to operate, and the daily lives of billions of people would be affected. The correct management, operation, and maintenance of these MEP systems are therefore crucial.

This course starts by looking at different MEP systems and the crucial role (Facility Manager) they play in making buildings operations and Maintenance work. It then takes a journey through the various categories of MEP systems in order to explore different systems, their maintenance requirements, and the management of the maintenance work on them.
IIFM's unique course is based on several highly respected guidelines to become a Facility manager and also provides free Recruitment Guidelines for Gulf Countries in a short period of time.


  1. ​Classify the hierarchy of maintenance requirements for buildings
  2. Identify common, important elements of MEP systems that need maintaining
  3. Understand how to plan, control and monitor MEP maintenance work
  4. Explore key maintenance activities for different MEP systems
  5. Share international best practice about the maintenance of MEP systems
  6. More Future Opportunities in Gulf Countries.​​

Benefits of Attending