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Electrical and Mechanical Jobs
  • Electric Power is the main source of our daily life activity and use of Electric Power is increasing every day in the world. Electricity is being generated through various sources i.e. thermal, hydro, nuclear, solar etc. but its transmission, distribution and utilization is almost everywhere in the world. 
  • Consequently, trained man power is very much required at every level i.e. generation, transmission, distribution and utilization.
  • Whole electrical network is increasing every moment and making network more Industry. To operate the complex network of Generation-Transmission-Distribution-Utilization, trained skilled man power is very much needed.
  • Institutional study and theory is the base of understanding of this subject matter but on job training is necessary to make a person employable and capable on the work front.
  • In view of the above, to develop such type of skilled manpower; to meet the demand of the time and industry, person should be trained for the actual need i.e. he should be able to know the all major HT, LT equipment like motor, generator, substations, transmission through overhead lines and underground cable.
  • Fault finding of these machines, repairing and maintenance. DC machines are also a part of our industries and application, operation and repairing of those DC machine is also a part our technical activity. Use of Solar Energy is the future and skilled man power in this area will be in demand.
  • A large number of skilled workers coming out of technical colleges do not possess the required skills and are not readily employable. The industries have to spend time and money on their training. It has been observed that most of the existing Industrial Training Institutes run by the government and private sector do not have on the job training facilities.
  • Therefore, IIFM is to develop their Knowledge into Technical Skill to Entry the Core Industry and Success with their Career up to Facility Manager Level.​

Electrical Engineers role in Facility Management

"IIFM is generally observed that Degree Completed youth have not produced desired result becauseteaching imparted in college alone is not enough for acquisition of skills training in the actual world of work. So IIFM fill these ​“Technical Skill-Gap” as well as it leads to Success in Placements too"

Supplementary Skilled Courses:

  • Diploma in Power Plant Operation maintenance Engineering