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"IIFM is generally observed that Degree Completed youth have not produced desired result because teaching imparted in college alone is not enough for acquisition of skills but needs to be supplemented by training in the actual world of work. So IIFM fill these “Technical Skill-Gap” as well as it leads to Success in Placements too.. "

  • Diploma in Industrial Safety - FSS003
  • Fire Technician - FSS004
  • Diploma in Electrical Safety - FSS005
  • Diploma in Fire Fighting - FSS007
  • Diploma in Construction Safety - FSS008
  • Diploma in Environmental Safety - FSS009
  • Post Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering Techniques - FSS012
  • Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Techniques - FSS013
  • Post Diploma in Environment Safety Engineering - FSS015
  • Advanced Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety Management - FSS018
  • Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering Techniques - FSS020
  • Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment Management - FSS022
  • Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety Management - FSS023
  • Diploma in Fire and Construction Safety Management - FSS029
  • ​Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment & Risk Mgmt - FSS041
  • ​Post Diploma in Transport of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods by Road - FSS045
  • Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management - FSS047
  • Diploma in Fire Safety & Security Management - FSS048

We are the top training institute providing a broad range of safety training. The unique way of training makes all the differentiation. We are offering 100% Placement for our students, it is helpful for them to be aware of how fire and safety things work. 

​Spplimited has the first-Class training industrial specialist to teach & environment-friendly infrastructure to learn effectively. Get the opportunity to learn from basic to advanced level with simple coaching techniques.

Our tutors have wide industrial knowledge will offer you with hundreds of real-time projects and case studies

Fire and safety course make sure individuals get extensive knowledge and skills to fulfill safety professional role such as fire safety officer, fire & safety system designers, fire investigation and more. Now a days every industry requires safety inspectors.

With the increase of business and corporate company, the need for fire safety supervisors has greater than before over the years. There are huge openings or opportunities based on individual experience and knowledge. Each and every industry has to handle their fire hazards in order to save massive financial losses.

Fire & Safety